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A roundup of colors in very limited supply!
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our price:$16.00

One of our boldest and spiciest colors yet!
our price:$16.00

A soft, slightly desaturated dark brown-and-black weave. Absolutely gorgeous!

our price:$16.00

Featuring a pretty pairing of ruddy brown with buttercreme yellow, this color is a festive seasonal color!

our price:$16.00


Good morning, Good moooorning, Good morning to you!!!

Wake up any project with this delightful, airy, pastel yellow! A lovely two-toned combination of butter and white threads!

our price:$16.00

In ancient Greek mythology, Acheron was known as the "river of woe," and was one of the five rivers leading to the Greek underworld. We think this walnut brown-and-black pairing, dusted with a hint of olive green, embodies this mysterious, primeval legend!

our price:$17.00

A shimmery off-white with a syrupy-sweet honey-colored caste...unique and exquisite!

our price:$18.75


Shimmery and deep, this classy color boasts a handsome "satin"complexion.
our price:$18.75

A gorgeous, toasty vintage gold...in pintuck form!

our price:$19.00


This incredible silk echoes the gorgeous orange-and-white fish found in the ponds by the same name...gentle yet regal.
our price:$19.00

Best known for its culinary, medicinal, and ritual properties, the Juniper plant has long been interwoven (get it?) with human history.  This lovely light-olive green silk pays tribute to its beauty and usefulness through the ages.