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A roundup of colors in very limited supply!
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Zinfandel is a kind of red grape planted in many California vineyards. It produces a semi-sweet rose blush that looks just like the graceful pink silk you see here.
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One of our boldest and spiciest colors yet!
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A soft, slightly desaturated dark brown-and-black weave. Absolutely gorgeous!

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Featuring a pretty pairing of ruddy brown with buttercreme yellow, this color is a festive seasonal color!

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Good morning, Good moooorning, Good morning to you!!!

Wake up any project with this delightful, airy, pastel yellow! A lovely two-toned combination of butter and white threads!

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In ancient Greek mythology, Acheron was known as the "river of woe," and was one of the five rivers leading to the Greek underworld. We think this walnut brown-and-black pairing, dusted with a hint of olive green, embodies this mysterious, primeval legend!

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A shimmery off-white with a syrupy-sweet honey-colored caste...unique and exquisite!

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A misty blue-and-rose petal red wellspring of silk energy that falls between our Celestial Blue and Tahiti colors. Manifest this unique color into your life by harnessing power of our shopping cart, and it will happen!

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This rich, dark red is the perfect building block for your next project - she's a wholly unique and impossible-to-find color!

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A lovely, subdued seafoam green that has a very tropical vibe...cool and refreshing!