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10 swatches
our price:$11.99


Free shipping, any silk, any color!  Each swatch is approximately 2.5" x 2.75"
tuscan olive
our price:$16.00


A solid green-within-green layered weave, this vibrant hue looks fantastic on a woman...and her windows!
our price:$16.00


We've captured a bit of Irish luck with this bold new green. Like its namesake, it stands for faith, hope, and love...
our price:$16.00


An eye-popping archipelago of color created by the pairing of two incredible jewel tones.
our price:$16.00


There's no better color to represent Dublin, the capital city of Ireland, than this eye-popping creme de menthe-and-burgundy shot.
forest green
our price:$16.00


Vibrant and elegant, this warm jewel-tone will hypnotize you with its charms. Composed of Green Apple and Onyx Black.
frosted pine
our price:$16.00


An eye-popping jade-and-black duet that you've never seen before. Jewel-tone lovers will give this silk a standing ovation!
our price:$16.00

Originally, garlands were made of flowers or leaves. Now, you can infuse any sewing project with the same springtime beauty using this green & chartreuse pairing!
green apple
our price:$16.00


An electrifying temptress, one look at this solid hue and you will understand why Eve ate the apple.
ice green
our price:$16.00


Somebody better pinch you...because this cool green with a radiant silvery sheen feels like a visit to the Emerald City in the land of Oz!