dear silkbaron,

I really appreciate your fabric shop - for me it's like an artists paint store, and all the colors you offer really fuel my imagination! I have an Etsy shop and your store is my #1 place to get fabric!
- Betsie

Temptation, thy name is Silk Baron!
-Joyce S.

Thank you very much for your prompt and excellent service. The fabric is perfect and exactly like your online color chart.
-Vera S.

Just thought I'd write a belated thank you e-mail for my wedding dress. I purchased the machine– made silk dupioni for my dress, and it turned out beautifully. The silk was of superb quality, a gorgeous color, and a great price. You were extremely helpful throughout the sampling and ordering process too, and I will definitely purchase from you again soon. Thanks!
-Samantha S.

Received my silk fabrics yesterday, am very happy with your service and the quality of the silk is exceptional. Looking forward to ordering some more beautiful colors in silk dupioni from your website. Once again, thank you!
Regards, Preetee

I meant to write to you the other day… the silk is perfect!!! Thank you for your help in figuring out the right one. Have a beautiful day!!!

As always, you have a wonderful and most courteous way that I, as well as other customers, really appreciate. In fact, it's an "art" lost nowadays by sellers and it's a shame, because that is exactly what customers remember. Many years ago, I bought fabrics from you. Today I forget what fabrics I bought, but I still remember your follow up e-mails and the finest courtesy. Thank you once again for continuing the finest tradition of being an excellent seller.

My package of silks and swatches arrived so fast, thank you! The colors are luscious, and I am looking forward to ordering some yardage.
I love your website. I find the colors displayed are so true, and the way it is organized makes it supremely easy to browse through colors while I try to choose from so many possibilities. I spend many pleasurable hours trying to decide what to buy next.
-Lynne W.

Thanks for getting this order to me so fast! I can't believe that I talked to you on Saturday, and the fabric arrived yesterday, Monday! It is all so beautiful, I am in love with every color!
Thanks for having such a great supply of beautiful silks. I have looked for many years for such a selection and quality, I will be a customer for a long time!

Your fabrics are beautiful! I'm
sooo thrilled to have found you guys!
All the colors are beautiful, but the Vegas and the Black Raspberry have really caught my eye!
-Veronica L.

AHHHH!! Ordering right now! THANK YOU!
Truly, you have made my day! I'm so happy I could cry!
-Ashley W. (upon finding out that we located more Bronzed Violet, the color she needed for her wedding dress)

I just looked at a fabric place in NY - $27.00/yard! WHAT?! Looking forward to the Ivory and the samples...

I just ordered a couple of yards of dupioni and I am BEYOND happy! It got to me in only a day and a half and the silk is so gorgeous I almost don't want to cut it. The colors shift so beautifully in the light. I just wanted to let someone know how pleased I am with your product, thank you!!!
-Amber W.

My order arrived today and it's luscious! ! Thanks for the great turnaround. Y'all are fabulous! Can't wait to get this dress made. Thanks again!

Thanks so much for your help again, I have a girls clothing line that has just taken off (and all of my line is out of your silk!). I'll be doing a lot more business with you in the near future!
-Sascha B.

Thank you, the swatches arrived on Thursday and they’re beautiful. You were right – mixing and matching them has been fun. I chose black cherry and honey. The additional plus for me has been finding Silk Baron. I sew for myself and for fashion dolls, so will definitely be placing orders with you. The hardest part will be choosing which of your amazing colors to buy for myself!
-Donna L.

Just wanted to let you know that I received my fabric. I went with the Black Cherry. When I opened the box, I was shocked! The fabric is so much nicer than I was expecting! I will be purchasing tons of your silk for projects around my home!!! So thank you for your help in getting the color that I was trying so hard to find!

I just wanted to tell you how extremely happy I am with the big purchase that I made. I used to get my dupioni from another shop on Etsy. I needed a certain color that they didn't have so I hunted and stumbled across your shop. So when it came time to make a big dupioni purchase, I ordered from you! I an SO happy with that purchase.You are definitely my new silk source. Your prices are extremely reasonable, shipping is always fast, and the silk is such good quality. I just wanted to thank you for such a good experience!

I've never ordered from you before, but I've heard many good things about your company, so I'm excited to start using you!

My swatches arrived today! OMG the colors are GORGEOUS! I will be ordering shortly! A friend in my costuming group gave me the 411 on y'all, and boy am I glad she did. I look forward to doing business with you frequently in the future, and will definitely recommend you to others as well. Loving the customer service also!
Laury T.

Since I discovered your website and placed my first order, I have never been disappointed. The silk is wonderful, the colors gorgeous. I am so happy to be able to find the right colors for my creations by ordering swatches.
-Krystal C.

I'm always *amazed* at just how fast your shipments arrive!
-Cindy C.

The glacier you suggested was a perfect match! It's gorgeous! Thanks for shipping it priority! You are the best!
-Julie V.

Geez - who comes up with these names?? I love them!
-Nancy B.

I am SO glad I found your website (found you on ebay and from there got to your site). Your silks are lovely AND very reasonably priced. Cant wait to receive my order and get to work!
Best, Patty

What a nice new website since I last ordered a year ago! It's easy to navigate, and I appreciate the descriptions of the warp and weft threads when two colors are used. Thank you!
Sincerely, Linsey

The trouble with your silks, Silk Baron, is that you have so many incredible choices! I can't even seem to narrow it down to a color group. Too many gorgeous fabrics!Thanks for sending the swatches out so quickly. I'm really looking forward to making a choice and getting started with my project :)

Thanks for the follow up, Silk Baron. I did receive my swatches. They were both Pumpkin Pie, which I have already selected as the color for my wedding party in the Fall of 2013. I found that it was impossible to explain this gorgeous color to people, so I figured that I should jst get myself a swatch to carry around with me! the smaller swatch will be given to my florist when I see her in a couple of weeks. While we're still getting organized, there will definitely be a large Pumpkin Pie order coming your way in the very near future!

Just got my first yard of Hepburn silk - the photo doesn't do the color justice! There's a frosty sheen on top of the "trademark jewelry box" blue color. I think this is going to be a huge hit with brides!
-Kristine F.

I received my silk today and it's GORGEOUS. Much better than I expected! I only ordered a yard because I hadn't seen the quality yet, but now I can't wait to order more!!!

Just a little FYI, the first time I ordered silk from your site was for a dress I made my daughter for a wedding. She was not in the wedding but more people complimented me on her dress and how beautiful the fabric was. Several people even asked me if she was part of the wedding party ;-) Now I'm hooked! I can't say I'd ever order silk from anyone else again :-)
Thanks again,

You may not remember me, my name is Melanie, I live in Alabama, and I bought a LOT of silk from you 6 yrs. ago for my son's wedding. The colors were a beautiful pink shot with milk chocolate and an apple green shot with black! I had table cloths made for the STUNNING!!
-Melanie H.

I'm so glad I happened upon your company. Always thrilled with the fabric. Thank YOU!
-Kody R.

I have already had soooo much fun enjoying the imaginative names and juicy descriptions of your silks. If your mercandise and service are anything like your terrific sense of humor, I'm sure that we will do business.

The best,

I have to say, I love the new site, and I've always felt the descriptions were the best part! It's great you kept them! The silk I ordered was just as beautifully described!

-Emily K.

LOVE, love, love! What a wonderful improvement to your website -- the wishlist alone is fabulous! Thanks, Andrew - I can't wait to run my fingers through these beauties.


This site is inspirational! I have never purchased silk before. I shopped in local shops for a suitable fabric for the wedding dress my daughter designed for herself. I found some dupioni silk - the color was awful, but she loved the fabric. So I just went to Google and this site was one of the hits. I just lost a lot of weight and need new clothing! I am thinking of the wardrobe I could make for myself! Silk blouses! Blazers... Suits, dresses! After browsing this site and seeing how relatively inexpensive it would be to construct my own silk blouse...:)


I just wanted to let you know that the silk arrived today and it is GORGEOUS. I'm blown away! I will definitely be a repeat customer! Excellent quality and your customer service has been amazing.

Thank you!

i received my most recent order from you last month (it was the
blue curacao and WOW... it is every bit as gorgeous as i imagined it would be!) and i wanted to send you some praise for being the best seller of dupioni i've ever had the pleasure of doing business with. heck, you're the best seller, period. i recommend all my costumer friends to you. i'm not kidding... you have the best assortment, best prices, and you ship so fast! yay for you! :)

thank you so much!
sarah g.
(very happy customer)

i really appreciate the extra effort that you have gone to help me out. Your helpfuleness is definitely putting the competitors to shame! :)

thanks again!

sara c.

the silks arrived yesterday and are far more beautiful than they looked on my monitor. they are just wonderful!


i just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy viewing your fabrics (even though I'm not able to purchase as much as I would like!) your new quilter's dream pack is a wonderful idea! I like to make pillows and other accessories for gifts and for myself and nothing can beat the luxurious look and feel of silk.

keep up the good work!


judy s.

wow, you're a really handsome guy -- what an outstanding smile!!! have you considered going on one of those reality hook-up shows? anyways, I bought awesome silk from you some months ago and never got back to you 10 yards of arizona sunset -- we LOVE it!!!!


i wanted to let you know something pleasant about the quality of your silk. my grandmother and mother both taught me about fabric and sewing; and they were both excellent seamstresses. I noticed that your silk is the best quality silk that I've bought so far.... and I have bought from 5 other silk sellers online ! Your silk has the tightest and most uniform weave, your colors do not bleed when washed, and the cut ends only ravel very minimally when washed.

you sell really good quality silk, thank you.

hope this puts a smile on your morning,
your fan,

i'm doing some redecorating so am looking forward to the material. you have the best quality dupioni!

thanks - susan t.

i have received my 15 yards of dupioni silk and it is just gorgeous and the perfect color to match my wallpaper. many thanks for sending me swatches so i didn't make any mistakes when ordering. I do appreciate your assistance and your patience.

i am definitely recommending you to all my friends. Have a great and prosperous week.


the silk is so incredibly gorgeous! so much better than the photos! i'm very, very happy. i can't wait to get started using them to make something. if anything turns out, i'll send photos. thanks for having such great fabric deals online.

thanks -


p.s. - i've bookmarked your website in my "Favorites," so i stay up on what you have that's new!

i wish i had visited your website AFTER lunch instead of before, now i am SOOOO hungry!
thanks for the look-see,


i received the white silk for my christening gown. the dress looked wonderful. the ensemble consisted of a dress, coat and hat. A slip of cotton batiste was used underneath. baby's special day is this weekend and i'll remember you next time i need some special material for the next special baby.

rhonda g.

you are the ONLY silk man for me. My precious husband said that he has an equal affection for your
goods!!! Our daughter Reagan (the light of our lives) often flounces
around in her bubble-gum pink dupioni glory --- all thanks to YOU!!!.
Thanks for making her 'dream dress' a reality.

I just want to thank you not only for your quick responses but also for the way you go one step further (sending additional sample, making suggestion, and your friendly attitude). In this country, more than others it seems, bad service and attitudes abounds. A big thanks for doing business!.... by the way, your prices are excellent-at least $4 less per yard than the cheapest I could find retail and many were much more (such as drapery shops). Best of luck to you! Mari

I got my big order of silk today, and am totally mesmerized by it!
Thanks for offering such stupendous silks, and simple wonderful service,


You are just toooo wondeful to believe! Thanks!


This fabric makes a beautiful drapery. I would not be able to afford silk drapes if it weren't for your site

Thanks Beth

Hello from Alaska! I have just opened the box with the 19 pieces of silk which I ordered. They are all so neatly folded, I appreciate that also. The pieces are all so, so beautiful....just looking at them is a joy. I can hardly wait to get working with them. I just want to say thank you for your great descriptions of the pieces. I have found the description of the actual thread colours to be the key to me making a decision. Keep up the great job. Sincerely, Linsey K.

"Dear Threads Editor,

Over the last few months, I have been submerged in making my daughter’s wedding dress and many other related wedding plans. The beautiful reception decorations would not have been possible without Silk Baron. They came through with the beautiful dupioni silk in the exact color my daughter “just had to have” for the reception.

I just had to tell you how courteous, helpful, prompt, honest, what excellent prices and large variety they offer!"

Meredith C.

I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much I love the silk I bought on your website. I was a little worried about the color and if it was going to be too dark. I was also wondering about the quality because your prices were very, very reasonable. When I got my order, I was so excited! The color is fabulous and the quality is superb! I was wondering if you sell any patterns or more specifically plaid or checked silk?

I was also wondering about your company itself. I was reading the history of your company and how you started it. It is such a great story! The reason I'm asking is that I'm in institutional sales and help companies (and individuals) with their financial needs. I work for a financial services firm in the southeast (Synovus) and can help with a variety of services including setting up and/or reviewing employee 401K plans. I'm sure that you've looked into this and probably already have a plan in place, but if you don't have a plan or are unhappy with any aspects of your current plan, I would be glad to try and help.

Don't worry though....even if you don't take me up on my offer, I'll still buy silk from you! I can't thank you enough for my order. I'll have to send you a picture when my curtains are done! Thank you again very much!
Andrea P.

I just discovered your site, I'm so happy I'll have a hard time sleeping tonight. Embroidered please. Oh dear I've got big plans now. I think who ever writes the descriptions does a great job as well.......made me smile. Thanks


LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! this fabric! I am so ecstatic that you had this and that the color you sent is PERFECT!!!! I couldn't have asked for a better fabric or supplier! You truly went that extra mile for me...Thanks millions!
Thank you for the expedient shipping also!
I WILL be back!

Happy holidays,
B. King


I just wanted to let you know that the bamboo dupioni arrived today, and it is simply fabulous! You are right--it is a gorgeous color and fits perfectly with the rest of my decor. It has the "hand" and heft that I was looking for in the fabric and is a delight to hold. You truly do carry high-quality silk.

Thank you so much for being so helpful during the choosing and ordering process. I know I'll be buying some more dupioni from you and will let my friends know about your site.

Best wishes,

Gail P.

I am REALLY glad I got the samples because the other colors that I thought I would love I don't think will match what I was looking for either, but some of the ones I got just because I THOUGHT I might like them turned out to be the winners! I absolutely LOVE the coppery sage and the Rasberry one is stunning, hubby likes that one

Anyhoo, I just wanted to tell you that I got it and I love it! Thanks again! It's been a true pleasure!!! I will not shop anywhere else for my silk, ever!


Just wanted to let you know that I received all the silk and am busy
playing. I am the envy of everyone I know!

By the way, your web site is one of the best I have seen for viewing samples, I had no intention of working in silk but the colors are phenominal!


You are a terrific find!

The silk arrived today, and what can I say? IT'S BEAUTIFUL!
The colors are amazing and the quality is excellent!
This was surely not my last order with
Thank you so much!
Catrin W.

I would like you to know that I am from the heart of STEELER territory. Their training camp is practically in my back yard. I am here on the computer with you instead of a Super Bowl Party.

I had to tell you that I have ordered silk from you before through your website and the quality is far superior to
any silk fabric I have seen in stores, even high end expo stores! I can't wait to get the fabric to make my drapes.
Thank you for offering such a high quality product at a wonderful price!

Michelle K.

I found the color I need elsewhere but the price is more than twice the price of your silk per yard. :(


I would love your drapes, but they would look strange in a log house.

I just received the silk the other day. I love it! It's going to add the
perfect touch of color to my bridesmaid's dresses!

Thank you!

I just got my silk this morning! I have to tell you, this is the most perfect shade of pink I think I could have imagined. You will be hearing from me again soon for another order. Thanks again for all your help with a fast delivery!
Have a great day,

I purchased some baby pink dupion silk from you and I am absolutely thrilled with the colour and the quality. The service was second to none and the whole experience was brilliant, just how an online store should be run. – Irene

Here are some pics of the drapes hung in our family
room. Feel free to use any or all of them. Again,
thanks for doing such an oustanding job. My wife and I
can't wait to redo our living room. You'll definitely
be the first to hear from us when it comes to the


My wife and I received the drapes on
Saturday and hung them up yesterday. All I can say is,
"Wow!!" They are more than terrific! The color and
silk material complete our family room. I'll honestly
say that my wife and I were a little anxious about
purchasing the panels without being able to browse
through complete samples like you'd get in a retail
store. Even though you were completely professional
during our phone conversations, I wasn't really sure
how the finished product would turn out. But, I must
say that the finished drapes and the overall
experience with Silk Baron ended up going way above
and beyond our expectations! It's safe to say that
you'll be hearing from me again when it's time to
replace the drapes we currently have hanging in our
living room. Keep up the great work!!

Justin J.

They look beautiful! Thank you! I'm still working on getting someone to make the valances, but the drapes are up and perfect.

It was great working with you!

Adrienne P.

Thank you for the personal reflects a level of intimate customer service and I appreciate the feedback. Your online store impressed me very much and I intend to be working on several more prospective projects and intend to continue my purchsing experiences with your store. Excellent!
Thanks, Mani.

I just wanted to send a quick note to thank-you for your great customer service! When you first sent me the swatches, I was shocked to find them here in such a short time, it was nice to talk to you and I eagerly await my fabric!

Thanks, Ines

My seamstress and I just spent many hours having an absolute blast with the package of swatches you sent. They were well worth the $50 price tag in fun alone.

I am sure that we will place future orders for our medieval reenactment clothing supplies.


Thank you for the bulletin! When I see these gorgeous dupionis (and the pictures are very true to colour) I just drooool all over my keyboard! I've never seen such an exciting selection, and the iridescents especially make my heart flutter. Thank you again.....

Thanks. You folks rock. Lots of people are nice and easy to deal with, but you have the total package of price, service and quality. The fact that we are discussing a color you don’t advertise is proof of your commitment to my satisfaction. And I really appreciate that the shipping costs are not a profit source for you. I wore a robe made out of the polo lounge silk, it looks and feels great! Thanks for everything.

I'm entering into the holiday season where business booms and I SO look forward to ordering more from you. I love your website. It's easy to navigate, it really shows the fabrics well, and your descriptions show the enthusiasm that is necessary for such luxurious fabrics! Liz

I got the fabric yesterday, and it is stunning! Thanks so much. I liked all of them, but I have to say the poppyseed is my favorite--heartbreakingly beautiful!

Thanks, also for the swatches--I will be ordering some of all three of these. I was amazed at how beautiful the saffron looks with the pumpkin pie, and envision a suit from the pumpkin pie and a coordinating top in saffron.

Another friend of mine told me she was wiping the drool from her keyboard as she perused your site!

I found your store through a google search and I filled out your contest form for 6 yards of silk. I just wanted to write to you and thank you for having such a well organized website with GORGEOUSLY photographed silk and well worded descriptions. You really do help in finding THE color. Some of the photos were just so scrumptious, I'm tempted to purchase silks for my personal use (when I came shopping for my business) - not that I have anything to do with it, it's just so beautiful!
You really are the silk baron. I hope to send you some photos of the items I make with your silk.

Take care,
Leah H.

Just wanted to say thanks for your help with my order today! I don't
normally thank vendors after placing an order however, your customer
service was outstanding and deserves to be recognized. I really
appreciate your willingness to work with me and your flexibility in
helping me get the samples/colors I need. If your customer service
is any indication as to the quality of your products and the company
as a whole, I think I've just struck gold! And to think, all I had
to do was ask and you had the special silk I was looking for (and of
course, I love the fact that I'll be the first to get it!)!

Looking forward to receiving the silk and the samples!

Stephanie S.

I received my silks today. They were absolutely gorgeous as usual and this weekend I will be busing making curtains for my bedroom. I must say though that it seems strange to be receiving such beautiful, with such great timely delivery and not be giving you public feedback! LOL! Love doing business with Silk Baron. I brag on your company and your beautiful merchandise all the time and you of course. Always a great pleasure and I hope some of my friends start buying from you too!

Gail C.

I wanted to drop you a note to (once again) tell you how incredible I think your dupioni silk is - so, so, SOOOO far above what I could find elsewhere - and the colors? Well it's best not to even get me started extoling the many glories of your color selection! To me it is like wandering through a garden of the most glorious flowers....all in bloom at's no wonder I have such a difficult time "picking" my megar bouquet each time!

I don't know if you recall a brief convesation we once had over the phone when I told you I made faerie costumes for Make A Wish kids from your fabrics? Well I now also have a little store on where I have been selling my costumes not only nation wide byt - are you ready for The Fairy Nana's big success? _ To places as faraway as The United Kingdom and Australia!!! Fairy Dust to Me!!!! (giggle)

I owe much of my success to the irrisistable iridescent and luxurious Dupioni Silk i used in so many of my costumes. It makes them unique and simply grabs the customer (particular the adults) desire for a little added elegance.

So, once again Silk Baron, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

(I am sprinking fairy dust all over you!)

The Fairy Nana....aka: eve l.

I love your descriptions of the fabric colors, they're so imagnative and evocatave. If I closed my eyes(but then I couldn't see the silk!) and someone read the descriptions to me, I'd know exactly what color that was.

You helped me with swatches of silk dupioni for my dress to wear at my daughter's wedding. The wedding was June 13th, and the dress turned out beautiful. I will send you a picture as soon as I have one. The material and the design of the dress made me feel like a princess. You were truly helpful and the material was beautiful. I will certainly try to find a material blog to write a positive comment about Silk Baron. I have told many friends and other individuals about your company. Thank you again.

I wanted to lick my screen... the colors look so beautiful they look like they'd even taste good!

Jenna B.

Also, I just wanted to let you know how thrilled I was with the Black Cherry taffeta that I purchased from you for my bridesmaids. The bridesmaid gowns were simple Medieval-style dresses with princess seams and long sleeves. The bridesmaids absolutely LOVED their gowns and thanked me over and again for choosing such scrumptious fabric. We had about 700 people at our wedding, and everyone we heard from loved the dresses as well. Many even said that our bridesmaids had the loveliest gowns of any wedding they'd ever seen. Also, as we've seen wedding pictures from other weddings, my husband keeps commenting how our bridesmaids had the best dresses of any wedding he's ever seen. So, I've been passing your information around to anyone who comments! :D Thank you for your part in making our wedding so lovely!


Your site is like fabric porn.

Your selection is wonderful, I love silk and want to get back into sewing more now. Really want to have an online boutique, and am looking for sources. You are in LA and I am in San Diego County so it is perfect to find you. Your prices are very reasonable. When I worked for a fine fabrics store(10 yrs ago) we sold duppioni for $15-$20 yd. Your prices are better than my employee discount then!! I am so glad to see an online source for silk. I would make everything I own out of it if I could!! I hope more people start sewing with silk, they don't know what they are missing!!

God I just love it and your fabrics and Andrew is an absolute darling! Your colors and service are wonderful and so is Andrew. He is always so very helpful and goes out of his way to please the customer! LOVE your site!
Gail G.

Thank you so much. This website is a life saver for the Renaissance Courtier! It makes fabric shopping fun and not a nightmare!

Yes, I love it. I've never been disappointed. It's like visiting a calorie free candy store!

Val H.

And just so you know, your colors and availability inspired me.

I currently work in global importing (furniture) as the assistant to a CEO.. but once had a history in fashion design.

Your silks have inspired me, for fun, to start a business on the side doing some fabulous laptop case designs.

we'll see where this goes, may not be long before I'm ordering wholesale. ;)


I also wanted to tell you how impressed I was by both the samples and fabric I have ordered so far. They are simply beautiful and so inspiring. Thank you so much.



Thanks so much for writing me. You are the best internet salesman I have dealt with! I loooved the swatches. By far my favorite is the cornflower blue. All the blues are fantastic. The peppermint stick I also such a fun color. Unfortunately, I didn't seem to find the gold that I'm looking for. I'm having difficulty finding it anywhere. I would like something that is not too dark, not too light, maybe a little bright. I'm thinking of a gold that would work in the spring not the fall. Something that would go well with pale pink flowers. Any suggestions?

Thanks again!

I love buying from you because you're not a big chain store, and more importantly, it's obvious you adore these fabrics and love selling them! Your website is very easy to navigate and your photos are a great size and clarity. Even when I can't afford to buy silk, I browse- just to dream.

Just for the record, I counted all my fabric pieces from you and I have 100 color and fabric selections I have purchased from you...quite a collection to choose from for my antique doll and art projects!

Thanks so much,
Mary W.

I just want to say, I've received several pieces of your silks from friends as gifts, and I adore the colors and quality of them all. I hope you guys continue having sales, so I can continue spending more money than I should. ;)
-Beth =)

thank you so much! After I bought from you guys, I found the same dupioni color at a store here in Idaho, it was $20 per yard...This color has been the fabric that I have been looking for for my bridesmaid, so I am so thankful that you don't charge an arm and leg for it!

Thank you again


Aloha, Silk Baron!

Just wanted to let you know that I received the fabric over the weekend and you were absolutely correct...I LOVE THE SILK!!!!

Thank you for making this one of the easiest and prompt orders I have ever made online. Your customer service and expedient delivery is excellent.

Happy Holidays and again thank you!

Warm regards,

How did you do that? Seriously, it's Monday and the fabric is here already!!!! And it is truly the most beautiful silk I have ever seen!!!! I am creating a pageant heirloom dress for my little girl and she will be a vision in this!!!!

Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!

My prayer is that God will prosper your business in every way!
God Bless!

One very happy customer,

Just wanted to send you a quick photo of my latest creation featuring your exquisite, bronzed aqua fabric and a printed velvet from a local fabric house. Believe it or not, they matched!

I have had such great luck matching fabrics from your site. My monitor is color set using Adobe Illustrator, but my monitor is only as accurate as the website photos. I have found your photos to be EXTREMELY true to color and hue. Thank you for going the extra mile to provide not only quality fabrics, but a quality website!

This is an early 1890s ball gown, and I used EVERY bit of the silk, it is absolutely decadent. The last little bits were even used for my husband's cravat. Thank you for providing folks like me with the opportunity to buy such haute couture silks for more than reasonable prices, without having to fly out to the fabric district to get them.

Thank you again!

Michele H.

Thanks so much for rushing my silk order to me!!...I appreciate it sooooo much!! It arrived this morning!!
Omgosh the colors are soooo gorgeous!! I Love them all!! The new shades are incredible! One more beautiful than the next!!!

I can't wait for my order of the full dupioni swatch set to arrive...then I will want to order everything!! LOL

Thank You sooo much again....
for the special things you do for your customers!!
YOU are very special!
Big Hugs (going to wallow in silk now!)

I just wanted to tell you again how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE your company! Your shipping is stellar-quick and the silk is amazing to work with. Thank you again and again!

Femia C.

Dear Silk Baron,
I just completed 6 bridesmaid dresses and tabletoppers from the gunmetal blue (looks like a cornflower blue) silk dupioni. The fabric came quickly and the dresses were perfect. Thanks for the help answering all my questions!
Dedie S.

The Ultraviolet arrived today and it is THE BEST purple I have ever seen in my life!!!! It is MORE than perfect!!!!! When I saw it, time froze and I was speechless. Just wanted to say thanks for the help choosing the color and for shipping it in time for the event I’m hosting Saturday. I am one happy hostess right now! Brittany R.

I just wanted to let you know that the dress I made for my little girl with it was absolutely breath taking! Apparently the pageant judges agreed because she won her preliminary and is off to the National Peanut Pageant! I just wanted to thank you again! and I pray that the LORD will bless you and your business a hundred fold.

I will never buy silk anywhere else again!!!!

Have a terrific day!!!


I received my silk earlier this week – gorgeous colours thank you very much. I was a bit dubious about ordering silk online as it’s a bit hard to tell colours etc, but very happy with my purchases and the price. This silk is three times the price in Australia that’s why I found you J

Kindest regards,

Zoe C.

YES, I LOOOOVE my silk. I have to say I haven't seen silk of this quality for at least 10 years. I'm so glad I found you.

Thanks, Mary

Best kept secret in the industry. I'll HAVE to tell my friends!

-ASG member

Hi Silk Baron, I wanted to take a moment and thank you for your wonderful help today. Your personability and friendly demeanor is a delightful rarity. I'll be passing your website along to all of my artsy/crafty/DIY friends!

All the best,

I was referred to you by a salesperson at Joann Fabrics who saw how very, very frustrated I was in not being able to find what I needed (either quality or color selection). She is a corset-maker and recommended Silk Baron most highly! Lynne

Your site will put my husband in bankruptcy! I have never seen such amazing colors. I am already doing a list of what to sew next.

I'm writing to tell you a tale of two silks. I purchased silver through you folks and black through a local fabric store (because I had a coupon). Not only did I end up spending twice as much on the silk through the fabric store, the silk itself isn't anywhere near the quality of Silk Baron silk. Your silk cuts so much more smoothly and doesn't fray anywhere near as much. You can bet that the next time I need silk, I'll be getting it all through Silk Baron! Thank you so much for caring about the quality of your products. I'll send you a picture of my finished project; I can't wait to see how the silver looks in it!

~Rebecca C.

The quality of the fabric is fantastic, and the shipment is always speedy! Silk Baron is a rare gem on the web!

Dan Schmidt

You guys are the best - I have been around and around on the web trying to find similar quality and color selection and I have decided to stop looking and always just come to you! Awesome site and wonderful colors! Thank you thank you thank you!

Mia O.

Also, when I ordered last August, I had just come home from a long hospital stay. When I first got home, chemo neuropathy made my legs hurt and kept me awake at night, even though I was exhausted. On those nights, I loved to look at the rich colors at your site. It distracted me, and looking at colors and textures was about all I could cope with mentally in those circumstances. So it may sound silly, but I wanted to say thank you.
Rene M.

I received the silk samples and they are beautiful! I'm so glad I ordered them because I would have definitely made the wrong choice had I not had physical sight of them.

Meagan T.

Love the quality of the color management of the photos. I have a graphics and color optimized monitor and I can almost always match colors by holding a swatch up to my MONITOR! No other site does that! Way to go Silk Baron! Michele

Item was exactly as described and arrived quickly, recommend highly!!!!!


gorgeous silk, very pleasant seller A+ transaction! Thanks!


rich color, super fast shipping, great personal attention, highly recommended. unbelievable color, great quality, unbeatable price

clifton w.

your photos have perfect color, i am thrilled--you are the best, A+

ellen o.

simply a wonderful color - now to figure out a project worthy of this fabric!


gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous (did i say it's gorgeous) ?



Dolly M.

this guy ALWAYS gives extra effort. EXTRA EFFORT means good people! i will be a repeat buyer.

Ava K.

BUY FROM THIS MAN! He has quality silk and is SO NICE! AAAAA++++++

Laure D.