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We're running low on these colors...get them now before they're gone!
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tuscan olive
our price per yard:15.00


A solid green-within-green layered weave, this vibrant hue looks fantastic on a woman...and her windows!
our price per yard:15.00


A spicy sauce from the Far East ground with a mortar and pestle...why don't you try some?
turkish taupe
our price per yard:15.00


A perky milk chocolate-and-black combination. It's your one-way ticket back to the days of Antiquity!

pecan pie
our price per yard:15.00


This gorgeous rusty chocolate brown and black spin is a sticky sweet confection - with NONE of the calories!
our price per yard:15.00

Featuring a pretty pairing of ruddy brown with buttercreme yellow, this color is a festive seasonal color!

our price per yard:16.00


Spicy yet fruity, this rarely-seen combination of burgundy and pink is a candy-coated treat for the senses!

our price per yard:17.00


Shimmery and deep, this classy color boasts a handsome "satin"complexion.
our price per yard:21.50


A rich, dark-brown and black taffeta to die for. We'll let the picture do the talking.
our price per yard:21.50

An ancient spice, Cumin is native to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, Egypt, and our warehouse in West Los Angeles!
our price per yard:21.50

A placid watercolor blue with flaxen crossweave beckons you toward her still waters...