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Our Duchess Satins are marvelous, feminine, exotic creatures that make for the most exquisite bridal gowns. Weighing in at an incredible 220 grams per yard, they are the most substantial heavy-weight satins you can find on the market!

Expensive, yes. Worth it? Absolutely.

10 swatches
our price:$11.99


Free shipping, any silk, any color!  Each swatch is approximately 2.5" x 2.75"
our price:$38.00

The hills are alive with the sound of this lovely two-sided satin silk!  Bright pale gold on one side and matte amaranth purple on the other.  Julie Andrews would be proud!
love affair
our price:$48.00

A dazzling rich raspberry duchess satin...simply mesmerizing!  And very high quality: 222 grams per yard!
our price:$48.00

Rich and syrupy sweet, this lovely bright brown satin is mouthwatering!  And very high quality: 222 grams per yard!
our price:$67.50

This peach satin is mind-meltingly beautiful.
our price:$67.50

Capture the glow of a full moon and interweave it with silk satin and you will get this glorious material.
our price:$67.50


Stunningly pure, this classic white is perfect for any application...