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10 swatches
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Free shipping, any silk, any color!  Each swatch is approximately 2.5" x 2.75"
baby pink
our price:$16.50

Creamy and light, this soft hue is a little girl's dream come true.
our price:$16.50

Soft and graceful, this willowy beauty favors serenity over grandeur.
our price:$16.50

A fresh, youthful, light green color.
our price:$16.50

We named this one after Pistachio ice cream. You know, the kind that looks like sweet, creamy chartreuse deliciousness!
our price:$16.50

Sheer and light as a snowflake. Makes for an ultra- comfortable lining.
our price:$16.50


The stunning lightness of this aqua beauty will have you dreaming of infinity pools and margaritas.
warm cocoa
our price:$16.50

A silky confection...warm and sweet!