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10 swatches
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Free shipping, any silk, any color!  Each swatch is approximately 2.5" x 2.75"
baby pink
our price:$18.50

Creamy and light, this soft hue is a little girl's dream come true.
our price:$18.50

An orangey-pink undersea wonder. Whimsical and unpredictable!
dusty rose
our price:$18.50

Evokes the nostalgic old-world charm of perfume oils, paper dolls, and vintage books.
our price:$18.50

Has all the sugary goodness we could possibly squeeze into a yard of silk!
our price:$18.50

Inspired by the very same flowering plant that our silkworms are fed in order to create this silk!
our price:$18.50

Named after the Greek god of medicine and healing, this charmeuse is the perfect pink prescription for your passion project!
our price:$18.50

A lovely peachy salmon color.  Sewing upstream never looked this good!
white peach
our price:$18.50


Sweet, juicy, and invigorating!
charmeuse collection
our price:$34.99


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