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10 swatches
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Free shipping, any silk, any color!  Each swatch is approximately 2.5" x 2.75"
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This soft, pastel purple makes it easy to get lost in reverie.  It is adorned with tiny textured microdots that measure 0.5mm.
velvet collection
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Free shipping! Why not hold ALL 25+ of our velvet swatches in the palm of your hand so you can decide exactly which color to get?
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Reminiscent of the dried black Corinth grapes from ancient Greece.
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A sumptuous and mouth-watering deep purple!
plum wine
our price:$32.50

Everybody's favorite Japanese alcoholic beverage!  (Okay, well, maybe just ours.)  If you haven't tried the real thing, at least try a yard of this!
purple haze
our price:$32.50

This eye-popping vortex of vaporous purply-fuchsia velvet will make you kiss the sky!