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10 swatches
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Free shipping, any silk, any color!  Each swatch is approximately 2.5" x 2.75"
our price:$16.00


Elegant. Shimmery. Exotic. Such words cannot begin to do this gorgeous color justice, but it's a good start. Buy some and see for yourself!!
our price:$16.00


This solid magenta silk reminds us of the lovely little flower that dots the window boxes of homes all across the USA.
pixie dust
our price:$16.00


We accidentally spilled a beaker of premium-grade pixie dust on a roll of plain white dupioni, and this beautiful magenta-and-navy two-toned color materialized right in front of our very eyes!!
our price:$16.00


This solid, exotic magenta will put a curse on you!
our price:$16.00


Moody and sophisticated, Wallowberry combines a sultry magenta with a rich onyx black...
penny candy
our price:$16.00


This sexy magenta & black pairing reminds us of some of the sweets found only at old-fashioned candy shops. And yes, it really does look just like the photo!
our price:$16.00

This elegant purple burgundy-and-black pairing pays homage to that most popular French wine!

our price:$16.00


This exotic magenta-and-kelly green pairing will help you summon the fantastical for your project!

our price:$17.00


This solid jewel-toned weave is vibrant, bold, and arresting in its purity.
our price:$17.00


This rapturous dark fuchsia recalls the romantic side of Spain's sexiest city!