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10 swatches
our price per yard:$11.99


Free shipping, any silk, any color!  Each swatch is approximately 2.5" x 2.75"
black cherry
our price per yard:$21.50


This smooth, sexy burgundy-and-black taffeta makes for the most gorgeous dresses and exquisite draperies!
our price per yard:$21.50


Grenadine is the sugary-sweet ingredient in Shirley Temples...and wondrous evening gowns!  In either case, too much is never enough!
hocus pocus
our price per yard:$21.50


A magical pinky-red taffeta...make sure to put some in your shopping cart before it disappears!
our price per yard:$21.50

Cerise, which is French for "cherry," is a seductive fusion of burgundy and pumpkin.  Alluring and sensuous.
candied apple
our price per yard:$21.50


This solid deep cranberry taffeta is a luscious treat for the eyes!
our price per yard:$21.50

A spellbinding scarlet red that is both romantic and beguiling. Sure to draw the attention of others.
japanese maple
our price per yard:$21.50

Just like the leaves of its namesake, this taffeta is a rich, dark burgundy.  Exquisite!!
strawberry shortcake
our price per yard:$21.50

A strawberry red-and-light cream gingham with tiny embroidered polka dots - too cute! Also, the two sides are slightly different, as shown in the photos, with one side exhibiting a red accent, and the other projecting a cream accent. Two fabrics in one! Checks measure 1/8". Limited quantity!
our price per yard:$21.50

Everyone's favorite mixed drink!  This one is composed of a bubbly bright red with a subtle off-white crossweave.  Let's raise a glass to your next project!
hot buttered rum
our price per yard:$21.50

It's like a gorgeous burgundy got on a dating app and swiped right on a rich, medium brown...and now they're a gorgeous new couple!
our price per yard:$21.50

A rich, warm copper-and-burgundy pairing!
taffeta collection
our price per yard:$39.99


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