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Free shipping, any silk, any color!  Each swatch is approximately 2.5" x 2.75"
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A rich, dark-brown and black taffeta to die for. We'll let the picture do the talking.
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Named after the majestic, towering redwood trees found in California, this crisp combination of terra cotta and olive green evokes an organic earthiness.
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A thick by-product of refining sugarcane, this luscious, sweet dark brown taffeta begs to be drizzled all over your windows!
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A sugary-sweet confection consisting of light burgundy and vintage gold...absolutely scrumptious!!
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Woodsy yet romantic, this dark rose-and-black pairing is a stunner!
whiskey sour
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A luscious abstraction of the yummy adult beverage!
hot buttered rum
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It's like a gorgeous burgundy got on a dating app and swiped right on a rich, medium brown...and now they're a gorgeous new couple!
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A classy maroon-and-cream striped taffeta!  Excellent for dresses and costumes!  Stripes measure 1/4" wide.
lady moon
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Full-bodied peach-and-licorice produces a bodice-ripping color that will make you the queen of the evening.  Sultry and noirish...
taffeta collection
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